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7 things I’ve learned from using CLUBHOUSE

I’ve been using Clubhouse for more than 2 weeks now and yeah..! I can tell you that I’m addicted to it. I know I shouldn’t, but I think it’s because those are my early days on the app, and very excited to be one of those privileged 10 million users on earth using it. In this blog post, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned from using Clubhouse: 

1- Listen more and talk less! 

This audio-chat app allows you to be part of amazing conversations with awesome people around the world.. I thought at the beginning that driving conversations and talk “just for the sake of talking” might increase my followers, I know this is evil, but I realized when I’m on stage, sometimes, I’m not focused on what others would say because at that moment I’m organizing on my mind what I have to say next. 

2- Crowded rooms don’t mean interesting rooms!

I realized recently that crowded rooms don’t mean automatically interesting ones, I often jump into rooms with 5 or 6 people that I might don’t know necessarily and often surprised by the high value-added conversations that it might happen there! 

3- The one who speaks several languages is the one who benefits most from the platform

Clubhouse is an opportunity to listen, talk, and improve the languages you want to learn. Personally, I was trying to find a way to practice Italian with anyone around me until this app came into our lives. 

4- Are you a shy person? Please don’t be! Take the MIC and talk

Experts say that only about 30% of shyness as a trait is down to genetics and the rest comes about as a response to the environment. It’s normal to be shy, but you don’t have to let this feeling restrict you from socializing and interacting with amazing people. If you’re an introverted person, I would give a single piece of advice: just try to talk only once! and you will feel liberated from all those bad sensations.

5- Clubhouse Influencers are not always right! Cultivate a little healthy skepticism before you take someone’s advice

Anyone can say anything on Clubhouse! and you might be goofed up by someone’s profile or sayings. Don’t be dumb. Try to develop the habit of “Fact-checking” while you’re listening to someone, try to do a quick research on google about the topic you’re talking about, and gently react upon that. 

I’ll pick up a nice phrase that I’ve read on Forbes that was stuck in my head:

You have to be discerning about who you trust and take advice from. A lot of coaches and speakers claim to be successful multimillionaire gurus, but when I’ve done a bit of digging into their experience and their companies, I’ve found it’s all just smoke and mirrors.

6- Set a time limit, because the platform consumes a lot of time and energy! 

When I want to stop immediately using Clubhouse or any other social platform, I would reprimand myself by saying: “Khalil don’t forget that Clubhouse is a show-off platform, the real work is behind the scenes, so turn-off your mobile notifications, and go accomplish your duties” 

7- The platform is very spontaneous, don’t be too corporate. Businesses will relate! 

We’re loving this aspect of Clubhouse but I’m noticing that many businesses and media outlets are invading the platform and becoming too noisy trying to sell their products and services in a direct and indirect way! I hope this platform keeps its spirit and doesn’t become a “souq”. 

Let me know in the comments section what you learned from Clubhouse. By the way, if you need an invite, ping me!


  1. Nada

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I cannot register I tried twice and they are keeping me in the waitlist.
    I read a few articles about this new platform and it sounds great.

    1. khaliltrabelsi

      Thank you Nada 🙂 Are you an iOS user? If yes please send me your phone number by email or on Twitter and I’ll let you in.


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