Khalil Trabelsi

Khalil Trabelsi

Community Manager and Producer of Happiness

Why Uber, Paypal, Talabat.. don’t exist in Tunisia?

It’s been nearly 5 years since I left Tunis to settle in Doha.. and what I really appreciate here in this small capital is that almost everything can be done online! With your mobile, you can pay bills, book an Uber driver, get food delivered to your doorstep, purchase books, flowers, perfumes..! In a nutshell, life is so easy that it made me think and ask so many questions. Why don’t we have those kinds of things in Tunisia as well? Don’t we deserve a better life? Why don’t Uber, Paypal, Talabat, and many other awesome applications exist in Tunisia? Are Tunisians against the online payment concept? Things have evolved around the world and it irritates me to no end to see those technologies flourishing elsewhere but not in my country.

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Adaptive Vs. Responsive Layouts And Optimal Text Readability

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Mobile Optimized

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