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Mapping Tunisians getting out from Ukraine: Here is what I know

This thread is a personal initiative to help in a way Tunisians stuck in Ukraine who need to get out of there safely. Their families are waiting for them!

More than 500 Tunisians have been repatriated from Ukraine so far. there are still several Tunisians stuck in several cities as reported in Tunisian in Ukraine Facebook group.

Latest news: 

Mar 7th Nearly 200 Tunisians are still on the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be evacuated from Ukraine. According to Intissar Ben Atitallah, representative of the Ministry, there a lot of Tunisians chose not to return to Tunisia and remain in Romania, Poland and neighboring European countries.

  • A Tunisair plane landed safely today at 5AM carrying 73 Tunisians coming from Krakow (Poland).

Mar 6th A fourth evacuation operation will take place today evening according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Mar 2nd Zeineb S’k who was struggling finding transportation from Leviv to Poland’s borders posted one hour ago that she’s finally on a plane at Bucharest airport heading towards Tunisia.

  • A distress call from Anas Chtioui saying that 15 Tunisians are still stranded in the city of Sumy and he’s one of them.

  • A Tunisair plane coming from Romania landed safely at Tunis-Carthage International Airport, carrying 230 Tunisians who were evacuated from the Ukrainian-Romanian border.

  • Good news: A Tunisian military plane coming from Poland has landed safely at Tunis-Carthage International Airport, carrying 97 Tunisians who were evacuated from the Ukrainian-Polish border.

Mar 1st Another evacuation plane will take off from Kraków, Poland tonight at 9:20pm according to Khaled Jaoua.

News about a possible escape by train that will be available from Sumy to Odessa today at 2 pm. There is also news about the availability of buses from Sumy to Lviv tomorrow, according to Iheb bennour on his Instagram account.

  • Good news: as announced by the Tunisian Foreign ministry, the first evacuation flight from Bucharest is on the way to Carthage International Airport. No officials numbers communicated about the Tunisians evacuated. (Footage below are from Myriem Amdouni‘s Instagram Stories).

  • There are a lot of news about Tunisians students crossing both borders Krakovets (Polish-Ukranian) and Siret (Romanian-Ukrainian). No exact numbers to communicate.

FEB 28th According to the Tunisians in Ukraine’s Facebook group Those who left Dnipro yesterday morning are heading towards Siret (Romania). Which means a distance of 866 km to go and no further details if they reached the destination or not yet.

  • Anas Chtioui reported yesterday that he’s stuck with 7 Tunisians In Sumy (northeastern Ukraine and very close to Russia). This is what he wrote:

  • Zeined S’k is struggling to get transportation from Leviv to Poland’s borders. And Apparently, people are taking the risk to walk approximately 80 km (4 hours) to get to Poland.

  • According to Khaled Jaoua, more than 50 Tunisians crossed Poland borders via Krakovets and they will be heading towards the Capital soon (approximately 400 km to go).

✈️  News about an evacuation flight to Tunis from Bucharest today February 28th at 6pm

FEB 27th Tunisians in Ukraine’s Facebook group reports that buses were seen leaving Dnipro heading to the West carrying multiples Tunisian students today at 10AM (Ukrainian Time). Others are still there in the city and didn’t have the chance to catch the buses.

  • Al Quds Al Arabi reported that an Algerian student was killed by Russian bombing in Kharkiv. His name is Mohamed Talbi. The Algerian diplomatic services are working to repatriate the body of the deceased to Algeria. He is from the Wilaya (Tlemcen).

  • Ahlem Fernani posted heartbreaking stories on Instagram begging Tunisian authorities to get them out of the struggle, here is a snap of what she posted: (updates: She’s reporting lately that she’s now near the boarders inside an old commercial space transformed as a shelter).

FEB 26th Arrival of a group of Tunisians to Romania safe, in coordination with the Embassy and Consulate, to a shelter in Tulcea.

No idea about their number, according to Mariem Amdouni there are still a lot of Tunisians stuck in different cities like Sumy, Kharkiv and the Capital.

Where are refugees fleeing to? 

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